Live Streaming Video Will Take over the Internet

Spanning Social Media Broadcasts, Live Sports & Streaming Pay TV Services

Live streaming video is the new king of the Internet, and in 2016, video networks are all focusing on supporting live video streams to viewers.

Last week, when US Congressional Democrats staged a sit-in in support of gun control, House members turned to Periscope and Facebook to live stream broadcasts directly from the House floor, after C-SPAN was forced to turn their broadcast cameras off. Viewers who were interested in watching the protest tuned in to social video platforms. The event is a great example of the growing importance of social media platforms for breaking news, and the growing power of live video delivered over the Internet.


C-SPAN used Facebook Live footage to continue its coverage of Democrat sit-in last week after it was forced to turn its own cameras off in the US House of Representatives.

Internet video networks and platforms are growing rapidly both in quantity and quality of video being offered, and in monetization opportunities for content creators. These platforms are now turning to live video to further their business models and engage viewers in experiences that were once only available on traditional TV. From Twitter streaming live Thursday night NFL games to Comcast’s plans to live stream every event in the upcoming Rio Summer Olympics, to Hulu, Amazon, YouTube and others planning to launch live Internet TV bundles, to Facebook, Periscope and Meerkat turning digital stars into global broadcasters, it’s clear live video is the new king of content.


Network Live Streaming Content Monetization for creators?
Yahoo Sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA, NHL, eSports, live concerts from LiveNation Yes
Tumblr User-generated content No
Amazon Entertainment, lifestyle Yes
Twitch Creative including how-tos, DIY and live gaming Yes
Facebook News from CNN, NYT, HuffPost and others; user-generated content Yes
Twitter NFL, user-generated content Yes
Periscope User-generated content No
Meerkat User-generated content No
YouTube Entertainment, Lifestyle, DIY, Sports, Fitness, scripted series, etc Yes
SnapChat Entertainment and news Yes


The volley of announcements this week underscore the growing importance of live entertainment to social networks where consumers are spending increasing portions of their daily lives watching video, instead of on the TV set…

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