UEFA Football Matches Break Akamai Streaming Records

A Taste of What’s to Come during Rio Olympics

Viewers can’t get enough live sports online. The recent UEFA Euro 2016 championship game between France and Portugal broke records on Akamai’s CDN with a peak traffic rate of 7.3 Tbps – that’s terabits per second – and 3.3 million concurrent streams. The record was previously held by the World Cup 2014 semifinal match between Argentina and the Netherlands, which saw a peak traffic rate of 7.0 Tbps.

In all, five UEFA matches saw peak traffic rates of 5 Tbps or higher on Akamai’s CDN – a staggering amount of live video consumption from around the world. Akamai said it worked with over 35 broadcasters to deliver live streams of the matches.

Portugal-France 7.6 Tbps 3.3 million concurrent views
Germany-Italy 6 Tbps 2.7 million concurrent views
Germany-France 5.9 Tbps 2.6 million concurrent views
England-Iceland 5.3 Tbps 2.4 million concurrent views
Italy-Spain 5.3 Tbps 2.3 million concurrent views

“The data shows that people are watching more and more online; and their expectations are rising, too,” Akamai’s senior public relations manager Chris Nicholson said on the Akamai blog. “Streaming online events of this magnitude with the expected viewing quality requires broadcasters to start preparations months in advance.”

Next month, viewers from around the globe will watch the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics. This year’s competition marks the first year that every single event will be made available to watch online, through initiatives from a number of broadcasters around the world and the Olympics Broadcast Service (OBS). It’s likely that the games will draw more record-breaking live streams.

Akamai said it has been working with 50 broadcasters…

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