GameWisp Takes on Twitch, YouTube by Offering Monetization Options for All

-Offers Subscription-based Live Streaming

Video game live streaming is no new concept considering Twitch launched in 2011 and YouTube Gaming last year but GameWisp, a new player in the videogame live streaming space, is taking a shot at the market by giving all users the option to make money off the content they are creating.

Currently Twitch offers monetization opportunities in the form of subscriptions and paid content, but the option is only available to users who become streaming partners with Twitch. Of the over 1.5 million active Twitch broadcasters 11,000 are streaming partners. To apply to become a partner Twitch requires a minimum of 500 concurrent viewers per broadcast and a schedule of a least 3 broadcasts weekly, according to the Twitch Website. YouTube Gaming offers its content creators monetization by splitting advertising revenue but users must go through the process of becoming a content partner with YouTube. YouTube does give viewers the choice to sponsor their favorite gamers as well.

GameWisp is a subscription-based live streaming platform that has taken a different approach to video game live streaming by offering monetization opportunities to all video game live streamers, regardless of content partnerships. GameWisp allows users live streaming gameplay to make money off of monthly subscriptions and rewards for fans such as exclusive content. The company, aiming to help gaming content creators to make a living as an online entertainer by providing the means to build sustainable monthly revenue decided reward management tools and subscriptions would be the most effective route.


Gamers from YouTube and Twitch can use GameWisp to earn revenue.

Gamers from YouTube and Twitch can use GameWisp to earn revenue.

Live streaming is quickly growing to become an incredibly important aspect of the online video market as the demand for live, uninterrupted content available across an array of platforms and devices is constantly increasing. And live video is being integrated into the business strategies of hordes of media companies both traditional and digital. The video game industry is no different and with the explosion of e-sports over the past few years the demand for gaming live streams is high, but good content cannot survive without monetization, which GameWisp CEO and co-founder Michael Anderson said is the hardest part of building a career in content creation.

Anderson said creating online content is a full-time job and that many streamers work 40 hours a week at a day job and then go home to work more on creating live streaming content. Monetizing live streams supports content creators and doing that ensures more quality gaming streams in the future. So monetization goes to benefit creators and consumers.

GameWisp has plans to expand the monetization opportunities it gives users by improving and adding to its reward fulfillment tools and it want to make it easier for broadcasters to take subscriptions, said Anderson. In the future it wants to add new monetization options and add initiatives that will help broadcasters to better engage with fans on and off of the GameWisp platform, which most likely entails the addition of analytics tools so users can optimize their broadcasts by understanding their audience and viewing habits.

Live streaming will continue to grow and creators will take advantage of the live format and find ways to engage viewers even more. Video game live streams have led to new genres of online live streaming just in predominantly gameplay streaming platforms with Twitch launching channels for content like art, music and even social eating. There are an array of genres that could flourish in the live format and those could very well make it to platforms beyond Twitch, such as GameWisp if it were open to the idea. By sampling live content to viewers and providing a large selection of content for viewing GameWisp could attract paying subscribers, which would also attract content creators, ultimately growing the platform.

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