Here Are the Top 10 SVoD OTT Services

An interesting piece of a recent study released by TiVo’s Digitalsmiths is the list of the top SVoD OTT services, ranked through a survey of over 3,000 North American consumers.

1. Netflix 53.7%
2. Amazon Prime 24%
3. Hulu 11.8%
4. HBO Now 5.6%
5. Shomi (Canada) 3.7%
6. YouTube Red 3%
7. CBS All Access 1.7%
8. Sling TV 1.5%
9. PS Vue 1.4%
10. Blockbuster 0.7%


About a third of respondents said they didn’t use any of the OTT services listed above.

And Here’s Why Consumers Like Them

Pay TV providers, pay attention. Digitalsmiths’ survey had participants list reasons they enjoy watching SVoD OTT services – in some cases over traditional pay TV. Here are the top responses:

  • Convenience: 55.1% of respondents said multi-screen, anytime anywhere OTT services are convenient to use.
  •  No ads/commercials: 47.4% cited no ads as being a big draw for SVoD OTT services.
  • Price: 44.3% of respondents said they like that SVoD OTT services are cheaper than traditional pay TV services.
  • Better selection of content: 38.6% of respondents said OTT services have a better selection of content. That might be a perceived better selection of content, based on factors such as personalization features and easier UIs for discovering content. It’s still something pay TV providers should pay attention to.

Digitalsmiths also found that a significant portion of Netflix users would be willing to pay up to $15 per month for the service. According to the survey, 39% of respondents said they’d pay between $12 and $15 per month for the service. On the other hand, another 29% said they wouldn’t be willing to pay anything beyond the $10 Netflix plan.

Download the full report here.

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