Bundling Makes Way to Ellation’s Niche SVoD Service

VRV bundles a slew of Web video networks together into one streaming service.

Ellation, a company under Otter Media, which is the OTT-focused venture of AT&T and The Chernin Group, recently launched an SVoD aggregation platform VRV, delivering a variety of niche subscription video services on one platform is now adding major value to its service by offering bundled video services at a steep discount.

VRV’s bundle dubbed the “Combo Pack” features eight channels or SVoD services for $9.99 per month. The bundle includes access to Crunchyroll, MONDO, Funimation, Rooster Teeth, Cartoon Hangover, Nerdist, Geek & Sundry and Tested. Subscribing to these services individually would cost consumers just under $33 per month but just subscribing to Crunchyroll and any of the other included services would cost just at or over $9.99 per month, so even for users who would use every service in the bundle, just using a few included in the bundle makes the Combo Pack well worth what VRV is selling it for. And in return VRV is adding value to its business for consumers as people will be more inclined to subscribe to services through VRV to get the most out of their money. Big, pricey bundles have not worked in favor of pay TV providers but the strategy could fare well in much smaller doses that actually add value to a subscription rather than overload consumers with unwanted content options.

Currently VRV has a small lineup of niche SVoD services available through the service and the offerings are as follows:

-Crunchyroll: $6.95 per month

-Funimation: $5.99 per month

-Rooster Teeth: $4.99 per month

-Cartoon Hangover: $2.99 per month

-MONDO: $2.99 per month

-Nerdist: $2.49 per month

-Geek & Sundry: $2.49 per month

-Tested: $3.99 per month

-GINX: $1.75 per month

-Machinima: $1.99 per month

-Rifftrax: $4.99 per month

-Seeso: $3.99 per month

-Shudder: $4.99 per month

VRV has indicated that in the coming months it plans to gain more partnerships to offer even more channels and bundled packs of channels and currently VRV is offering over 20,000 hours of free, ad-supported content to consumers that are accessing VRV across Xbox One consoles and iOS and Android apps.

“This is not a limited time offer, and you won’t find this bundle anywhere else. Not only does VRV facilitate a new and bigger community built by the team that brought you Crunchyroll, but it also offers a new model of value for fans of these related genres,”  said VRV GM Mike Aragon in a Ellation blog post.

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