Facebook Live a Burgeoning Platform for Traditional TV Content

Fox debuted its new series "Outcast" on Facebook.
By Brittany Demmon

Since the launch of Facebook Live the traditional media companies have partnered with the social video platform to deliver new and original content on the Facebook Live feature in order to grow the business, and Facebook has been paying partners to do it. Now more and more media partners are joining Facebook Live and many aren’t being paid anything to deliver content over the platform but rather using the platform for its intended purpose and then beyond that as now there is a trend towards featuring traditional cable TV content on the platform, often before it ever plays on TV screens.

Over the course of a few months there have been multiple examples of traditional TV networks turning to Facebook Live as a platform for distributing TV content online. Most recently the big broadcast network Fox took to Facebook to debut a new series, “Outcast” on the platform before launching the series on its linear TV network.

One big advantage for debuting and featuring pay TV content on social video platforms is the reach that the content stands to gain as a result of appearing on Facebook that boasts over one billion total users. And a report from Mobile Marketer claims that the premiere of “Outcast” on Facebook Live has led to huge surges in social interactions across Fox-owned Facebook accounts, which experienced a 250% increase in interactions and the Fox UK Facebook account saw 320% increase in positive reactions and brand awareness across the platform. Neither Fox nor Mobile Marketer has disclosed what the total viewership of the premiere episode of the series on Facebook Live was but the first episode of “Outcast” did reach viewers in 61 countries across the world through he Facebook platform including countries like the UK, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Turkey and South Africa…

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