Imax Pushes for Quality VR Content to Screen in Its Movie Theaters

Imax has partnered with Starbreeze to use its StarVR headsets. Image source: Starbreeze
By Kendra Chamberlain

Imax wants to become the pre-eminent place for consumers to experience premium, immersive content in virtual reality (VR). But in order to do that, the fledgling VR industry needs more cinematic VR cameras, headsets and, of course, VR theaters where consumers can slip on a headset and be transported to another world.

Imax has set out to create a VR experience in the theater that’s better than what consumers will be able to experience at home. That’s why the company is building Imax VR “centers” around the world, where consumers can pay to put on a VR headset and experience premium immersive content. Imax is hoping to open its first VR center in Los Angeles by the end of the year. It will also open a VR center in Manchester, England.

Imax said it’ll deliver “an ongoing array of premium interactive content experiences that let users see, feel, move and play in new worlds in a powerfully immersive and realistic way.” In order to do so, the company has begun working with Hollywood studios and game developers to help create VR content to showcase at its VR centers. Imax has also partnered with Google to develop a cinematic-quality VR camera to be used in its commissioned VR projects. It said the VR camera will produce 3D 360-degree video…

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