Xbox One Gets Antenna TV DVR App

Connected DVR maker Tablo has teamed up with Microsoft’s Xbox One to launch an app on the gaming console so users can now record over-the-air (OTA) TV content from broadcast networks.

There is a catch and that is users who want to utilize the app to record OTA broadcast TV are required to buy a Tablo network DVR device so broadcast network content received using an antenna are recorded and stored on the Tablo external hard drive for streaming through Xbox One consoles using the new app. Tablo’s DVR device and app is already compatible with Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV and prices for the DVR device start at $180.

As well as scheduling and watching recorded shows the Tablo app, available in the Xbox App Store, lets users watch live TV as well. The DVR functionality on Xbox One has been a long time coming. Last year Microsoft announced it would add DVR functionality to the Xbox One including the ability to stream recorded shows to mobile devices but the venture was put on hold with Microsoft shifting focus to launch gaming experiences that were more highly-requested by users. Considering users will have to dish out extra money in order to utilize the Tablo DVR app the addition does not have the same value for users that were looking forward to built-in DVR functionality directly accessible through the Xbox One, the support for Tablo on the platform is a start.

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